I provide a number of services to libraries and organizations about EDIA. The following services are most commonly requested. However, if you don’t see your need addressed in this list don’t worry! I will work with you to address whatever needs you or your organization might have. For more information about any of the services listed here, please contact me at


Equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are vital to creating a healthier, more holistic workplace. I can provide trainings for your organization that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs and culture. These trainings not only help your organization understand the topics, but also connect them to real world scenarios that can be incorporated into their own practices.



–Vocational Awe

–Toxic Positivity


–Cultural Competencies

–Well-being and Morale


EDIA Audit/Strategic Plan

Creating a culture of equity and inclusion is a lot easier said than done. And without the knowledge of growth needed your organization cannot effectively protect underserved employees and patrons. EDIA audits uncover the areas where biases and white supremacy culture reside, and assess the many levels of risk to the patron and to the organization. I can then work with your organization to mitigate the risks identified in the audit through the creation of a strategic plan centered on creating an equitable workplace.

Policy Review

It can be a struggle to apply EDIA concepts to the creation and editing of library policies. I can work with your organization to provide a comprehensive review of organizational policies, identify areas where harm is being inflicted on marginalized groups of people, and facilitate the changes necessary to create policies that center social justice-related outcomes.

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